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At MosquitoNix Austin, we strive to educate our Texas neighbors about the best ways to battle insect issues, especially mosquito infestations. These bugs are known to carry serious diseases that cause harm to humans and animals. The most effective way to eliminate mosquitoes is to eradicate their breeding sites. We try to teach our local communities how to control problems by hosting education days at schools, interacting with neighborhood businesses, and sharing knowledge with other mosquito control organizations.


MosquitoNix Austin attempts to protect local communities from falling prey to the annoyance of mosquitoes and the potential dangers they bring. We join areas that need assistance keeping parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor locations free of mosquitoes. We are always searching for new neighborhoods that need help. We try to strike a deal for payment so that cost is not a concern.

If a West Nile outbreak hits, we will be there to offer a hand. We will arrive quickly to halt the problem. Our knowledge and exclusive technology allows us to bring needed relief to our neighbors. In certain communities, we help set traps so that activity can be better monitored. When it comes to mosquitoes, we have you covered.


It is important to give back to the community. Our "mosquito community" includes both our local friends and family and our global neighbors. For the best results, it is essential to concentrate our efforts worldwide.

For over a decade, we have partnered with a number of worthwhile local organizations, including schools, churches, and synagogues. We look forward to more opportunities, which allow us to expand our scope. We try to make it simple so that neighborhood associations benefit from our efforts. When groups promote our products and services, we give back a generous percentage of the annual value. For over five years, this program has been gaining more and more popularity. MosquitoNix Austin enjoys being a good neighbor.

Besides our nearby friends, we love helping our international neighbors as well. Mosquitoes affect a much wider area than Texas. Continents like Africa are in great need of support to fight Malaria, so we try to save lives by donating items that help the cause. Since mosquitoes are responsible for over 50,000 deaths each year, something needs to be done to stop the problem.

We invest in your family and the world. Join us by being neighbors who make a difference one mosquito at a time.


Since our inception over ten years ago, we have partnered with hundreds of local organizations– a wide variety of schools, neighborhood associations, church groups, synagogues, garden clubs, as well as many more. We would absolutely love to work with YOUR organization. It's so simple - promote our products and services within your membership and we give back a very meaningful percentage of the annual value of our services to your group for anyone that signs up with us. We are on our fifth season of this program and it continues to grow in popularity. Contact our director of community partnerships to get your organization signed up...

MosquitoNix prides itself in being a good neighbor, which is why we love being part of silent auctions! Just call us and ask, we never deny! Why? Because we love our neighbors. Contact us...


For several years now, MosquitoNix has been sponsoring NetsforLife. ( We are proud to announce this year they have surpassed distribution of over eighteen million mosquito nets in Africa to support the fight of Malaria. We feel so compelled to partner with this organization whose mission is clear – SAVE LIVES. Every minute of every day a child dies from Malaria. The mosquito is the deadliest animal in the world accounting for seven hundred fifty thousand deaths annually.

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They will get a $250 discount towards a mosquito misting system, and a $75 discount towards a QuickNix mosquito treatment program. If they sign up, you will get a $250 or $75 award/credit towards your account.

MosquitoNix Austin ROCKS! We have had this system for over 4 years, and it is great. 4 years ago, we could not go out into the backyard or out onto our beautiful deck over looking the lake without having to lather up with chemicals to keep the mosquitoes at bay, and then it was iffy. Since Mosquitonix, we now enjoy our outdoors with no pest issues AT ALL. No mosquitoes, no gnats, no roaches, etc. I recommend Mosquitonix to all.

Kent O'brien

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