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How Do Mosquitos Carry Diseases?

Mosquito bites are often harmless, but in some cases, a mosquito bite can transmit life-threatening diseases. Let’s look at how mosquitos carry diseases and what you can do to protect yourself this summer.

Mosquitos: The Human-Animal Link

Typically, mosquito-borne illnesses are caused by microscopic parasites that are picked up from animals’ blood. These parasites are then transmitted to and between humans by certain species of mosquitoes that are vectors, or carriers, for diseases. These species include:

Aedes albopictus mosquito:

This species of mosquito has been found to carry the Zika virus, which can cause symptoms like headache, fever, joint pain, and muscle pain. Severe cases of Zika virus are associated with birth defects like microcephaly. Countries that have reported Zika outbreaks include Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama.

Aedes aegypti mosquito:

Like The Aedes albopictus mosquito, the aedes aegypti can transmit Zika virus, but this subspecies of aedes is also a vector for chikungunya, dengue fever, and yellow fever. This species of mosquito thrives in urban areas and is particularly problematic in the upper east coast area of the United States.

Anopheles mosquito:

These mosquitoes transmit the malaria parasite between infected people. Symptoms usually begin 1 to 4 weeks after infection and include chills, fever, headaches, muscle aches, nausea, and vomiting. The malaria parasite is common in South Africa.

Culex mosquito:

The Culex species of mosquito includes the Culex pixiens, the Culex quinquefasciatus, and the Culex tarsalis. These mosquitoes spread West Nile virus between infected individuals. The Culex mosquito is the main vector mosquito in the United States. Symptoms of West Nile virus include body aches, headaches, diarrhea, joint pains, and rash. In rare cases, West Nile virus can damage the central nervous system, causing death.

While mild mosquito bite symptoms are often not a cause for concern, severe symptoms like diarrhea, joint pain, or vomiting are signs of malaria, yellow fever, Zika virus or another mosquito-borne illness. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, consult with your doctor to rule out a more serious underlying condition. Prevent mosquito-borne illness by wearing long sleeves and pants and using an EPA-approved insect repellant containing DEET.

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