Track and Attack!

mosquitonix austin tracks through smellThe female mosquito is a brutal hunter who will track you down with ruthless intent. Studies show that mosquitos work hard to protect themselves, so if they are going after you, it’s because they feel the chances of success are high.

This new information about what attracts mosquitos will lead to further breakthroughs in protection, but for now, you need to rely on tried and true preventative measures.

Breaking a Sweat

Female mosquitos can smell your sweat, which means most people are vulnerable to attack during the warm summer days and nights.sweating

These pests have an Ir8a gene that allows them to detect and track “acidic volatiles” in human sweat.

This finding means that researchers can learn how to create repellents that disable this gene, reducing
approximately 50% of mosquitos’ hunting activity.
Of course, mosquitos also track humans by detecting carbon dioxide, heat and moisture.

So getting rid of them as a threat requires a multi-pronged approach. Frequent showers simply won’t do the trick.

Preventing Bites

The Center for Disease Control recommends you do a weekly search of your yard and dump water out of toys, tires, buckets, planters, etc. since mosquitoes are drawn to standing water.

Tightly cover any container holding water that cannot be emptied.

Repair or replace any window screens that have gaps or tears in them.

Whenever possible, rely on your air conditioning rather than open windows.

You should also contact a reputable mosquito control company such as MosquitoNix for expert help.

Wrapping Up: How Mosquitos Find You

Mosquitos love the Austin area as much as the residents do.

That means that you need to take preventative measures to protect your family from the diseases, such as malaria and Zika, that mosquitoes carry.

MosquitoNix offers unique treatment and misting systems that can result in a 95-99% reduction in your yard’s mosquito infestation.

The treatment is safe, biodegradable and odorless, meaning that your family, your pets and your plants will be safe and protected from a number of pests, including ticks, fleas and gnats, as well as mosquitoes.

The treatment is EPA approved and does not harm bees.

It also kills mosquitos an hour after the treatment is applied. This summer, don’t sweat the mosquito population. For excellent backyard mosquito control, contact MosquitoNix.