Austin’s climate makes the perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes. These blood-sucking insects thrive in warm, humid areas where they can multiply and feed on people and animals. They’re found throughout residential, commercial, recreational and industrial landscapes in both rural and urban areas. Mosquitoes don’t pop up out of thin air; in fact, they’re in the most common places in a yard.

4 Places Where Mosquitoes are Found

Bodies of Water

a mosquito in Austin

bloodsucking mosquito on my hand

Lakes, ponds and streams attract female mosquitoes. They lay their eggs in water, requiring only an inch for the eggs to survive. Once the eggs hatch, they remain in the water as larvae until they mature and exit the water as adults.

Overgrown Grass and Shrubs

When mosquitoes aren’t hunting for food, they rest on overgrown grasses and shrubs. You can find them on weeds and other plants in the early morning and late evening hours, as well as during mid-day when the sun is high overhead. Keeping the grass mowed and the shrubs clipped helps to eliminate their resting places.

Landscape Water Features

Birdbaths and fish ponds create the ideal breeding spots for mosquitoes. They linger in the area and cause infestations as they spread throughout your property. Even small water sources such as a pet’s water bowl or an upturned bucket can lure female mosquitoes. It’s best to eliminate standing water if you want to prevent an infestation in your yard.

Ditches and Banks

Ditches and banks are prime spots for mosquitoes as these places have numerous weeds and stagnant water. The pests can hide out in the weeds when they’re not feeding and use the water as a breeding source. Keeping ditches and banks clear of weeds and water will curb the mosquito population.

Prevent Mosquito Infestations in Austin

Prevention is the key to stopping mosquitoes from infesting your property. Mowing regularly, removing standing water and clearing out the ditches helps to prevent an infestation. MosquitoNix misting systems also help to eliminate existing mosquito infestations while preventing future occurrences. They’re programmable and can operate throughout the day and night to stop mosquitoes from entering your property and causing problems for your family.