You have the best day ever planned and the festivities take place in your backyard. Everything is going great until night falls. Mosquitos want to join the party and end up ruining your get together. It’s time to tackle this mosquito problem once and for all.

Removing Mosquito Welcoming Mats

The first step in proper mosquito control in Austin is to get rid of everything that attracts these bugs to your yard. The biggest offender is standing water, which can pool in many areas. For example, children’s playsets have lots of nooks and crannies for water. Gardening supplies, such as buckets stored outside, can also be an issue.

You can check for standing water areas by looking around your backyard after it rains. If your area has unusually high rainfall levels, pay close attention to the soil that stays damp.

Another problem is algae that grow in ponds and pools. While adult female mosquitos feed on human and animal blood, mosquito larvae will eat algae. Skim the surface and use the proper treatment methods to keep the water clear. In some cases, you may be able to add algae eating fish to your pond as a natural way to handle it.

Adding a Mosquito Control System

Once you’ve taken away the welcoming mats, it’s time to handle the mosquitos that remain. A mosquito misting system is an effective way of treating your yard without harming your kids, pets or beneficial insects.

A professionally installed mosquito misting system uses a spray that covers the yard with a chrysanthemum-based solution. It does this on a set schedule or you can manually control it based on the times you plan on using your yard.

It’s an EPA approved system that deters mosquitos from coming to your backyard and kills the ones that are already there. Other annoying pests, like ticks and flies, are also impacted by the misting solution.

Once your mosquito problem is under control in Austin, you can use your yard at any time of day. You won’t have to run around with citronella candles or cover yourself in bug spray simply to step outside. It’s time to enjoy outdoor living again.

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