Has it ever felt as if you or someone you know is a mosquito magnet, attracting the pesky flying pests far more than other people? Well, it may not be all in your head. Scientific studies have suggested that mosquitoes may, in fact, be drawn to some people more than others, and one of the major factors is blood type. Considering how many diseases are transmitted by these blood-sucking flies, let’s take a closer look at why mosquitoes may just find you irresistible – and what you can do about it.

Picky Eaters

You may imagine mosquitoes as voracious binge eaters, but the reality is that most mosquitoes are actually somewhat picky about where they get their meals. Though initially attracted to your body heat and the carbon dioxide you exhale, there are many other factors that decide whether or not you’ll make an appealing dinner. Studies have shown that people with Type O blood are about twice as likely to be targeted as those with Type A, while those with Type B blood fall somewhere in the middle. Pregnancy is a mosquito magnet as well, as pregnant women are bit nearly twice as often as non-pregnant women on average. However, it’s genetics that plays the most significant role – your unique genetic makeup is believed to account for as much as 85 percent of your susceptibility to mosquito bites!

Take Yourself off the Menu

Fortunately, even if you’re the mosquito equivalent of a filet mignon, there are some things you can do to make yourself less appetizing. First, use a quality mosquito repellant any time you’re planning to be outside for an extended period of time. Choose a product that contains DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or picaridin for the best and longest-lasting protection. Of course, reducing your exposed skin by wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants is the most effective method, but this may not be practical on a particularly hot day.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

Along with making yourself less appealing to mosquitoes, it’s also important to bug-proof your home. Any source of standing water – from an inflatable kiddie pool to an overwatered flower pot or a stubborn low spot in your yard that refuses to drain properly – can quickly become a booming breeding ground for mosquitoes, so be sure to address them promptly. These little pests also seek out damp, shady areas to lay low during the heat of the day, so take care to keep your lawn and landscaping neatly trimmed.

Mosquitoes are a major transmitter of a whole host of serious diseases, from malaria to West Nile virus. Preventing mosquitoes in and around your home is not only a matter of convenience but also a legitimate health issue. If you’ve followed all the tips above and still find yourself fending off these vampiric little fiends, it may be time to call for backup. Contact the pest control professionals at Mosquitonix Austin today for all your mosquito control needs.