The Calm Before the Stormthermometer

Colder weather is upon us in the Austin, Texas area and this means a brief stall in mosquito activity! Let it be known that this does not mean they have vanished. Mosquitos will hibernate or move to warmer areas during winter, only to return just in time for warmer weather to attack again.

Often times mosquitos will not wander far from their prime territory during the winter. They will find holes and cracks to hibernate in and can even lay eggs in frozen water! It is safe to say these pests are resilient and will survive at all costs. Due to mosquitos being cold-blooded, it is very unlikely that they will actually be active during cold months. The common temperature threshold for when mosquito season really comes to an end is sub 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the winter months, it is best to prepare for the upcoming mosquito season ahead. Take a deep breath, you have plenty of time to plan and execute.

Prepare for the Worst Mosquito Season 

Mosquito season can come quickly without warning, becoming a problem faster than you think. Our experts recommend you make a few things routine around your home before the mosquito season really kicks off.

Say Goodbye to Standing Water

Standing water can be your worst enemy when it comes to mosquitos. Still and stagnant water is the primary source for mosquito breeding. The worst part is they do not need that much in order to successfully lay their eggs. One tiny pool of water can turn into hundreds, sometimes thousands of mosquitos.standing water

Any places of water collection will be your primary focus. Make it a habit to empty out any buckets, pots or low lying surfaces in your yard. Essentially anything that can collect water, you want to make sure you clean and empty. Do not give mosquitos a free ticket to a breeding frenzy!

Exterior Home Inspection and Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning should already be on your weekly list… if it is not, it is time to change that! Besides general mosquito prevention, giving the outside of your home a good clean is crucial to keeping a healthy and pest-free home.

The goal here is to protect the perimeter of your home. Routinely check your gutters of leaves and debris. No matter how unlikely it may seem, the moisture of a pile of leaves in your gutter is just enough for mosquitos to start breeding. Upon removing debris from your gutters, make sure you are emptying it out into trash bags and disposing of it outside your home. The same goes for any leaves or debris on the ground and your yard.gutter cleaning

Conduct a perimeter inspection of your home. After you have cleaned the exterior, it is time to take a closer look. Things you want to look for are any cracks or broken seals on your home. Moisture can build up in gaps between your home and can create an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. In the worst case, your crack or broken seal is exposing the inside of your home. Make sure to do the necessary repairs needed to keep your home safe and mosquito-free.

Let the Experts Take a Swing

In some cases, there is only so much you can do before you need to seek the help of professionals. MosquitoNix solutions have been proven to be effective for over 18 years. We are capable of handling any situation for any home!

If you want to prepare the best way possible, consider a custom automated mosquito misting system for your home. Right now is the perfect time for installation to stay ahead of the game. Our misting systems give you full control over your outdoor life. We provide custom designs for the layout of your home to ensure we are getting full coverage. During installation, we make sure that all of your nozzles are discretely installed.mosquitonix nozzle

The mosquito misting system is on a set timer that will mist 3 times a day for 45-second intervals. You also have full control of your system by remote control which makes your outdoor living a breeze. Stop mosquitos dead in their tracks and give us a call today!