Mythful Thinking

Everybody knows that there is not much to like about mosquitos. Sometimes we do not like them so much that we tend to make up things about them to make them seem worse. Well the truth is that mosquitos are already bad enough… therefore we do not need any rumors going around about any untruthful myths that may surround this annoying pest. Let’s dive into some of the most common myths today that people have believed to be true.

Myths Unfolded 

Myths can also be known as misbeliefs, we are here to make you believe in the truth!

Keep in mind, what we are about to list is NOT true!

  • All Mosquitos Bite!mosquito bite

This may be the most common misconception with mosquitos. People tend to assume or think that a mosquito is a mosquito and they bite. While there is some truth in this, it is actually far from what is actually true. In reality only a handful of certain species of mosquito will actually bite you. Of these species, only female mosquitos bite!

  • All Mosquito Sprays Deter Mosquitos

This is a tricky one. It is actually hard to find the right solution when it comes to over-the-counter sprays. Some simply do the trick and some are actually not made for mosquitos. A lot of sprays are made to deter all kinds of bugs and insects. On top of this, you should know that a lot of the sprays contain DEET and are not good for your skin or the environment. Therefore to debunk this one you must realize that while sprays will say to keep mosquitos repelled, they are actually repelling pretty much anything from you.

  • Mosquitos Bite No Matter What You Wear

Mosquitos generally are pretty vicious and will try to get to you no matter what. Do not be fooled that no matter what you wear mosquitos will bite you. This is in fact not true! Mosquitos are attracted to certain colors that reflect things or animals in their environment. Wearing darker colors will increase mosquito attraction. Wearing lighter colors will help keep the mosquitos away more so than wearing dark.

dead mosquito

  • Mosquitos Will Die After They Bite

This one is down right not true in the slightest! It is quite the opposite. We as humans help provide for mosquito meals and they actually thrive after biting a human and filling up with blood. There is truly no limit to how many humans they can or will bite in their lifetime.