The Impact of Rain

When the rain comes, so do a mess of hungry blood-sucking mosquitos. Mosquitos need water in order to survive for it is essential for successful breeding to happen. Unfortunately for us humans, mosquitos are very resilient and do not need much water to breed. Therefore when it rains, it is mosquito party time.

Many would think that when it is actually raining, mosquitos have a hard time getting around… but this is FALSE! Mosquitos can take on the impact of a single raindrop that can be up to 50 times their own body weight with no problem. As mentioned before, these are truly resilient pests.

Therefore you need the truth! In short, rainfall equals mosquito breeding heaven.

Mosquito Breedingmosquito larvae

After rain comes, female mosquitos seek out their ideal breeding grounds which can essentially be anywhere with at least an inch of water. The female mosquito then waits till the conditions are right and can lay up to 200 eggs at once. Many times they will go above and beyond to make sure they lay their eggs in protective places. These can be things like buckets, flower pots, tires, gutters, and birdbaths. Anywhere they can find standing water, especially with protection, they will lay their eggs.

Once the female has laid her eggs, it is feeding time. This is BAD for us human beings. The mosquito must seek out a blood meal in order to feed their eggs so that they can hatch. This whole process can happen in about 24 to 48 hours. The rapid cycle of mosquito breeding sometimes makes it seem impossible to control but do not give up hope.

Preventionmosquito breeding areas

There is much you can do yourself to reduce mosquitos near your home especially after it rains. The first step is the most important and the only step!

After rain comes, do some outdoor home maintenance. Make sure you remove all areas of standing water. This could be things like emptying out any buckets or trashcans outside of your home that has collected water. When you do this you could be disrupting and eliminating hundreds of mosquito larvae getting ready to hatch. Anything that may seem like mosquitos will or have laid their eggs in, go ahead and clean it out to make sure!

The other side of prevention is checking the weather and preparing before the rain comes! If you know it is going to rain, bring things that collect water inside.

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