After a long summer that was darkened with the threat of Zika, Austin residents are starting to breathe a sigh of relief as mosquito populations dwindle. However, the relief will not last for long. Mosquitoes will return in force when temperatures reach about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of them live in holes in the ground until the weather warms up or they die. Here are some important issues to consider.

What Attracts Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are attracted to sweet smells, sweat and water. If you were to wear perfume and go to a poolside dinner, you would be their prime target since those smells are associated with their desired blood meal. They are attracted to any amount of standing water. Only female mosquitoes bite, and they flock around water to lay their eggs. They can lay eggs in small areas. For example, a bottle cap that is turned upside down and filled with water is large enough for a mosquito to lay its eggs in.

Tips For Preventing Mosquitoes In Your Yard

The basic way to prevent mosquitoes is to eliminate the sources of attraction. These are some starting tips:

  • Keep pools and spas covered.
  • Avoid birdbaths, manmade ponds and other decorative water features.
  • Eliminate plastic bags, pet dishes and other sources of standing water.
  • Keep hoses drained, and avoid watering the lawn too much.
  • Keep underground sprinkler heads in good repair to avoid leaks and pooling water.

If you are planning an outdoor gathering, keep guest safety in mind. In addition to the above tips, ask guests to wear long sleeves and avoid wearing perfume. Purchase some citronella candles and torches for the party perimeter. Also, you can purchase several bottles of bug spray with at least 40 percent DEET for guests to use.

When To Call A Professional

Austin residents should call a professional whether mosquitoes are visible or not. Since the city is prone to these pests and the diseases they carry, prevention is crucial. At Mosquitonix Austin, we can help you give yourself or someone else the gift of a mosquito-free yard for the year ahead. Our EPA-approved substances and effective methods keep you, your family and your guests safer.

If you notice mosquitoes frequently in your yard and they keep you from enjoying it, call for an inspection and infestation removal. Our experts can help you design a personalized plan that addresses risks on your property and your individual concerns. Please call Mosquitonix Austin today for a free estimate.