Have you remembered to plan for pest control during the holiday season? Pests such as mosquitoes are a particularly common problem during outdoor gatherings such as backyard BBQs. At MosquitoNix, we know you want to provide the most comfortable surroundings for all of your Labor Day BBQ guests. Fighting off swarming mosquitoes is not the best way to begin your holiday celebrations. The following information will provide you with some practical tips you can use to help control the number of mosquitoes in attendance at your holiday gatherings.

What’s the Big Concern with Mosquitoes?

Many people don’t consider mosquitoes to be much more than merely a nuisance. While it’s true that these tiny insects are incredibly annoying, they are also a health risk to you and your guests. Mosquitoes are capable of passing many different types of serious diseases on to the humans they bite. In addition to being considered a disease risk, it’s no fun to experience the persistent itch that mosquito bites can lead to. Therefore, it’s important to attempt to keep the number of mosquitoes around your home to a minimum.

Reduce the Mosquito Population

There are billions of mosquitoes on planet earth at any given time. How can you reduce the number of mosquitoes swarming around your property? The most important action you can take to lower the mosquito population near your home is to cut off their access to any types of standing water. Mosquitoes require access to water to lay their eggs and continue to reproduce. Even small bodies of water such as puddles will provide enough moisture for mosquitoes to reproduce. Removing all sources of water can drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes that you see near your home.

Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites

It’s not possible to eliminate all mosquitoes. Therefore, it’s wise to protect yourself from being bitten by these tiny blood-sucking creatures. Mosquitoes require human blood as a primary source of food, so they’re not going to give up easily. The methods below you at least spare you from getting quite so many mosquito bites.

Burn insect repelling candles outdoors. 

While they’re not safe for indoor use, citronella candles or similar types of insect repelling products can protect your outdoor gathering areas from mosquitoes.

Use Mosquito Nets 

Mosquito netting or other fine knit materials can be used around outdoor gathering areas to reduce the number of mosquitoes that can gather there. These products are generally inexpensive and easy to use.

Wear Long Sleeves 

The weather is not generally quite as hot during the Labor Day holiday. If possible, it can be beneficial to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants to provide extra protection to your skin.

Avoid Perfumes 

Sweet smelling perfumes or body creams can attract mosquitoes and other flying insects such as bees. It’s best to avoid these products when you’re planning to be outdoors for some time.

Whether it’s the holiday season or any other time of year, we understand the importance of having a safe and pest-free home. This is why we provide numerous treatment options to help you gain control of your mosquito population and reduce the risks associated with these common pests. If you need help with controlling mosquitoes, please contact MosquitoNix in Austin today.