Are Your Pets at Risk?

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Once temperatures start to rise in the spring, most of us start getting excited about summer adventures. From travelling with the family to spending days outside at the pool or lake, summertime provides many great memories with those we care about most.

However, with temperatures on the rise, that also means mosquitos and other bugs are joining the party. Especially if you’re next to the water, mosquitos are everywhere. If you don’t wear the right protection, these critters can create bites all over your body.

While humans are always at risk of mosquito bites, our furry pets aren’t in the clear. Not only can these bites be annoying for your dog or cat, but they can also be dangerous for their health.

In this post, we’ll discuss how mosquitos are harming your pets, including how to find the best mosquito control for your needs.

Risk of Heartworm Disease in Pets

Heartworm disease is a very serious risk for our pets, and mosquitos can, unfortunately, carry this disease. That being said, treating and preventing these mosquito bites on your pets should be a top concern.

Heartworm is a parasite that can cause fatal heart and lung infections for dogs and sometimes cats.

This disease is transferred by mosquitos from one pet to another.

Especially if your pet is frequently around water, treating and preventing these mosquitos bites will help your pet stay healthy and safe.

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Just how mosquitos can be a nuisance to humans, they can also be quite annoying to our family pets.

From flying in your face to the constant itch and irritation once they bite, mosquito bites can be quite annoying to deal with.

If that scratching and irritation continue over time, it can be very harmful to your pet’s health.

When a pet constantly bites or scratches an area on their skin, it can make the area very weak. In fact, your pet might even start to bleed and cause even more discomfort to where these bites occur.

Not only can that lead to more pain and annoyance for your pet, but it can also lead to infection.

Furthermore, this constant irritation can cause bad habits of scratching for your pet, which can be very harmful over time. That being said, preventing and treating these bites are necessary.

Mosquito Control Keeps Pets Protected

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