The Hunter Hunteddragonfly insect

Have you ever wanted to know what insect eats mosquitos? Not all insects are harmful and annoying like mosquitos. It is important to know what types of insects you should be keeping near your home to naturally minimize mosquitoes. 

The Mosquito Killer

The most common insect that preys on and eats mosquitos are dragonflies. Not only are dragonflies completely harmless to human beings, but they can be very beneficial to you and your garden. Dragonfly larvae also tend to feed on the larvae of mosquitos. This is an insect you want near your home.


Most insects that feed on mosquitos do it during the larvae to pupae stage of life of mosquitos. Mosquito eggs most frequently develop underwater. Several important insects feed on mosquito eggs and larvae before they become annoying air predators. insect larvae

Other Insect Friends 

When mosquito eggs become larvae, they must suspend themselves in water to breathe. During this phase, the larvae become very vulnerable to insects like whirligig beetles, damselflies, and water striders. These insects are essential to have around so that they can feed on larvae before they become a problem.