Mosquitoes stick to a fairly regular schedule in much of the country. Starting in June, these pests fly about in swarms and hang out in yards until late August or early September. However, mosquitoes enjoy the Austin weather so much that they continue to bother everyone even in November. Austin’s hot, humid climate gives rise to mosquito infestations every year, and it takes more than bug repellent to keep them away.

When is Mosquito Season in Austin?

Austin’s mosquito season starts in May and runs until late September; however, you’re likely to see mosquitoes in November if the weather is just right. Give mosquitoes warm conditions and ample rainfall, and they’ll stay around for as long as possible. These pests migrate to warmer areas in the fall and winter months, so you may see an influx as cooler weather arrives in North Texas.

Where Do Mosquitoes Congregate?

When mosquitoes aren’t flying around and looking for a meal, they’re resting on grass blades, shrubbery and tree limbs. They prefer thick grasses and will often hide among the weeds when they’re inactive. Mosquitoes are mostly active in the early morning and evening hours and will rest throughout the afternoon and overnight. You can also find them near water sources such as rain puddles and birdbaths when they’re breeding.

How You Can Prevent Mosquito Infestations

Eliminating the breeding sources on your property will help to curb mosquito populations. You can do this by bringing in empty containers like unused flower pots and buckets. These containers collect rainwater and make good breeding spots for mosquitoes.

You can also prevent unnecessary mosquito infestations by mowing your grass regularly. Pull up any weeds along your property, and chop down the overgrowth in the ditches or gullies. Having a short, well-maintained lawn will minimize resting areas and prevent mosquitoes from gathering on your property.

Mosquito misting systems can also eliminate and prevent infestations on your property. They’re placed in mosquito-prone areas and blend in with the landscaping as they work to repel these stubborn pests. The mist is completely odorless and safe for your family and the environment thanks to its biodegradable ingredients.

Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Home

Don’t let mosquito infestations keep you from enjoying your yard and the beautiful Austin weather. Contact MosquitoNix Austin for a free estimate. We have misting systems that not only repel and prevent mosquitoes but also work automatically in the background while you enjoy the scenery.