Memorial Day in Austin is when swimming pools open and grills get fired up for the season. Unfortunately, it’s also when mosquito populations soar around the area. Nothing can put a damper on a barbecue quite like having to constantly swat away mosquitoes. Applying repellents and fogging the yard only do so much. If you are ready to enjoy your yard throughout mosquito season without being eaten alive, it’s time for QuickNix mosquito treatments by MosquitoNix. In three simple steps, we’ll eliminate more than 90 percent of mosquitoes from your yard.

Mosquitoes Love Austin Summer Weather

Mosquitoes thrive in warm, moist conditions. Indeed, they begin life as larvae that hatch in pools of standing water, and they nest in moist conditions too. Every year in Austin, heat and humidity soar as summer approaches. It’s also the wet season, which makes matters worse. Without taking any steps to control the problem, your Austin property is sure to be swarmed by these unpleasant biting insects. With QuickNix treatments by MosquitoNix, you can reclaim your yard once and for all.

Treatments to prevent mosquitosDiscover the QuickNix Difference

There are plenty of mosquito control solutions out there. Unfortunately, most of them do nothing to address the root of the problem. They merely eliminate existing mosquitoes while mosquito larvae are left unaffected. QuickNix is different. In addition to eliminating more than 90 percent of adult mosquitoes from the premises, these treatments drastically reduce mosquitoes’ ability to breed in your yard. As a result, mosquito populations are controlled for up to three weeks at a time. At the 21-day mark, a new treatment is applied.

How it Works

QuickNix is a convenient solution for Austin homeowners who want a hands-off solution to mosquito control. Once you are signed up, our team will come to your Austin home every 21 days to apply treatments, which include three steps. First, an eco-friendly repellent is applied using high-pressure sprayer backpacks, ensuring that adult mosquitoes are eliminated from the premises. Next, we apply our proprietary, all-natural repellent granules around the perimeter of the yard. Finally, larvacide is applied to areas of standing water, killing eggs and preventing future breeding.

Sign Up Now

Memorial Day is right around the corner. If you’d like to enjoy outdoor gatherings in your Austin yard without being constantly descended upon by biting mosquitoes, it’s time to discover the QuickNix difference. With our help, you will reclaim your yard from mosquitoes and be able to create wonderful memories with loved ones all season long. We are ready when you are, so give MosquitoNix a call today to s sign up.