Mosquitoes are annoying insects that feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. When mosquitoes bite a human, they leave an itchy bump that can cause irritation for several days. Since mosquitoes inject themselves directly into a person’s bloodstream to draw out nourishment, they can transmit a wide variety of diseases. Viruses such as West Nile and Zika are transmitted almost exclusively through mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can breed in large numbers within only a couple of days, so it is important to address mosquito problems as soon as they appear to prevent these pests from multiplying and potentially causing harm.

Where Mosquitoes Breed

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay their eggs and multiply. Since mosquitoes only take a couple of days to reproduce, mosquito populations can rise dramatically after heavy rain. Homeowners are most likely to find mosquito breeding grounds in ditches, ponds, and puddles that remain for several days. Mosquitoes can also breed in creeks and rivers, but they often struggle to find areas where water will not wash their eggs downstream. It is also possible for mosquitoes to breed in man-made objects such as paint buckets, flower pots, and wheelbarrows when stagnant water is left inside.

What Attracts Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes understand that water can evaporate at a rapid rate, so they often search for deep pools of water to lay their eggs. Although mosquitoes often lay eggs in shallow water that evaporates before their eggs hatch, deep puddles and stagnant swamps are a mosquito’s favorite place to breed. Mosquitoes feed on mammals to survive, so the presence of nearby animals can be factored into a mosquito’s decision about where to lay its eggs. It is not uncommon for mosquito populations to be more numerous in areas near outdoor farm animals or near dense populations of animals found in nature.

Mosquitoes on a Property

Adequate drainage is the best way to eliminate mosquito problems. It is also possible for swamps and stagnant lakes to be chemically treated to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Many homeowners have problems with mosquitoes that lay their eggs in areas that they have no control over, such as a neighbor’s property or common areas. Nevertheless, mosquitoes from neighboring properties can still be deterred by using mosquito repellent torches or modern electronic devices that can deter mosquitoes through inaudible sound. Homeowners can also install mosquito nets as a sure way to keep mosquitoes away.

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