MosquitoNix is a mosquito control company that provides mosquito spraying services as well as mosquito misting systems for customers in this region. Our friendly team of service professionals is prepared to meet all of your pest-control needs. Customer service is an important part of our company’s ethic. We provide the technology necessary to make a difference in the daily life of the customer. In addition, our products are designed to target the most common breeding places where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Installing a Misting System

The installation of a misting system is an important part of a complete pest-control regimen. Many customers are surprised to learn that early spring is the best time to install the misting system in your yard. There is a simple reason why this works. The misting system uses perimeter controls to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs and creating nests. Early spring installation is an effective method of preventing these mosquitoes from becoming a nuisance after the weather changes and becomes warm and humid.

MosquitoNix offers a variety of unique features that enhance the outcome of any pest prevention effort. Technological improvements are a key component of our mosquito prevention systems. This includes sophisticated tank level sensors, zone control features, drum based systems and more. Our solution is desirable because it prevents mosquitoes from appearing later in the year. Install the misting system before the warm season begins for the best results.

Pest Control Solution

Prevention is the best method for keeping your home pest-free all year. It is much harder to deal with this type of problem if you wait until a mosquito infestation is already in place. Our company makes it possible for you to enjoy your backyard all year without worrying about a pest infestation that may occur later on in the year. Enjoy the additional benefits of our lifetime warrantee on labor and parts. This can also provide you with peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about repairs or breakdowns. Our money-back guarantee also provides you with an additional level of protection.

Our company is dedicated to providing you with high-quality service and products. This misting solution is designed to prevent pest infestations before they begin. Our perimeter controls and technical expertise is available for every customer, which is especially useful for people who live near stagnant pools of water where mosquitoes thrive. Our customer service representatives can answer any questions you may have about our products and services. Contact our office for additional information on how MosquitoNix can assist you in meeting your mosquito control needs.