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Austin Named One of the Worst US Cities for Mosquitos

We all know that mosquitos are annoying wherever we are, but did you know that the beloved state of Texas is named the worst for these pesky creatures, and Austin takes one of the top cities on that list. We all know Texas is a great place to live, but why is it that our mosquito neighbors also flock to our beloved state? There are two main reasons that mosquitos love Texas as much as you do.


It seems that mosquitos also enjoy the warmer Texas weather. Mosquito’s choose warm, humid environments as their favorite place to live, and our year round warmer weather seems to be just what they are looking for.


Texas has a great variance in terrain, however, one thing remains the same across most of the state and that is our water sources. Unlike California, most of Texas sees moderate to heavy seasonal rainfall, thus creating a great environment for mosquitos to breed. Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water, so in Texas they’ve hit the jackpot!

Remember that Mosquito’s aren’t our friendly neighbors, they come carrying diseases that can be deadly for your family and pets. Need help keeping your Texas home safe from mosquitos this summer? Visit our website to learn how to keep your family safe this summer!