Zika Prevention Tips

//Zika Prevention Tips

Ways to Avoid the Zika Virus in Austin, TX

With the Zika outbreak rapidly spreading across the Americas, prevention is key to preventing the disease. Once Zika is contracted, it causes flu-like symptoms that often go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the virus carries a risk of birth defects and deaths among unborn children. If a pregnant woman contracts Zika, her child may be born with a condition known as microcephaly. This condition causes exceptionally small heads, and the only way to prevent Zika is to remove the mosquitoes that cause the virus.

Zika is Found in the United States

In 2015, Zika hit the news for the many cases of microcephaly in Brazil. While the virus was first discovered in 1947, it only recently spread to the Americas. In Brazil, hundreds and thousands of babies have been born with microcephaly due to the virus. Unfortunately, the virus has since spread to the United States as well. The World Health Organization has declared Zika to be an international health emergency, and 346 cases have been confirmed in the United States.

Prevention is the Key

Zika is spread through mosquitoes that bite primarily during the day. This specific type of mosquito lays eggs in water sources and is found throughout the United States. To prevent Zika, individuals have to remove the mosquitoes that cause the virus. In addition, Zika can be spread through sexual contact with an infected partner and through the placenta in pregnant women. To prevent Zika, individuals should limit the chances that they will be bitten by mosquitoes. The following steps should be taken to prevent the virus:

  • Remove water sources that allow mosquitoes to breed
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to limit the skin area that can be bitten
  • Use EPA-approved mosquito repellents
  • Reapply mosquito repellent throughout the day
  • Spray for mosquitoes around the house to kill the mosquito population
  • Use a mosquito net at night
  • Use air conditioning and window screens to prevent mosquitoes in households

The Zika virus is spread through mosquitoes, so the primary prevention technique is to prevent mosquito bites from happening. Individuals who are infected with the virus should continue to avoid mosquito bites for at least the first week because a mosquito could bite the individual and then spread the virus. Once bitten, it seems like individuals may be protected from future infections, although the research is not clear yet on this topic.

This virus carries very real risks for pregnant women, and it should be prevented at all costs. To stop the virus from spreading in Austin, Texas, residents can use mosquito control techniques. Remove water sources where the mosquitoes may lay eggs like water bowls, flower pots and standing water. A pest control company like MosquitoNix can help to spray the area for mosquitoes. This kills off the mosquitoes that can spread the virus, and the spray can be reapplied as needed.

If you want help in preventing the Zika virus, MosquitoNix can help. Our team of experts is experienced at mosquito control and prevention, so we can help you to remove mosquito populations around your home. To find out how we can help you prevent the virus, contact us today.

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