Summer Grilling Done Rightsummer grilling

If you want to have success with your summer grilling, then you’re going to have to do a few things that will change your grilling experience forever. Some view grilling as an art form that can be mastered through concentration and education. Let us help you, master, grilling this summer.

A Clean Grill

The first step to grilling success is having a clean grill. Proper grill maintenance is very important if you want your grill to last.

You want to use your grill brush while your grill is still hot for maximum results. Soaking your grill grates and grilling utensils in a vinegar and baking soda mixture helps remove residue build-up and can make scrubbing your grill much easier!clean grill

Care for your grill and be sure to clean it after each use and any utensils you may have used. It is easy to get your worth out of your grill if you properly care for it.

A Safe Experience 

You always want to be safe while grilling, especially if you’re grilling for a crowd. There is a lot that can go wrong that you may not even think about.

Whether you are using a gas or charcoal grill you always want a source of water near you. This could be a hose, bucket, or even a water bottle. If the flames get out of control you want to be able to react quickly.

Make sure that you are storing and moving food around properly. You want to avoid cross-contamination and or spoiling your food. It is essential to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Keep your meats and other foods you may be grilling separated from each other.

Always wash your hands and any materials you may use before grilling. Keeping things clean as you go is a useful tip to make the whole process easier. I mean it is summer grilling, after all, you shouldn’t view it as a chore!

Summer Grilling Recipes

Some of the best summer grilling recipes are much easier than you think. If you follow steps thoroughly you can master any dish! Here are just a few recipes we recommend you should try for summer grilling.summer grilling recipes

Grilled Chicken Breast with Lemon and Thyme 

Worcestershire-Glazed Burgers

Key West Flank Steak

Grilled Corn with Chipotle-Lime Butter

Spicy Pork Skewers

Grilled Triple Citrus Salmon

Now it is time to enjoy your summer grilling!