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Let MosquitoNix Help You Enjoy The Summer Outdoors

Whether you are setting up for a summer picnic in your backyard, having friends over to swim in your pool, or enjoying a cozy fire roasting marshmallows, mosquitos can quickly ruin the experience for you and your guests.
One of the quickest and most effective ways to avoid an uninvited mosquito from joining your summer gathering is a mosquito misting system.

Mosquito Misting Systemssummer dinner

A mosquito misting system features a timed spray system that releases insecticide at timed intervals, a mosquito misting system keeps your backyard pest-free, family-friendly, and beautiful. Does it sound like a lot of work? Think again! A Mosquitonix professional will come by your yard to set-up the system and show you how easy it is to set the timer and forget it.
Not only does our system eliminate mosquitos from your yard. It offers a lot of other really great features and benefits as well. If you’re concerned about harming bees with your mosquito-misting system, don’t be. The insecticide used in these systems is designed and engineered to target mosquitos, and will not harm the honeybees you know and love around your property.
Our systems are also EPA approved! That means they won’t harm the environment around your property or lead to long-term negative events you hadn’t anticipated. It also works rapidly, killing mosquitos within an hour. This means that you can quickly make sure your yard is clear of these flying pests quickly, for any impromptu gathering.


Don’t forget that it is also safe for the entire family! Nobody wants to spray something on their yard that will hurt the other members of their family. Fortunately, a MosquitoNix Austin mosquito misting system doesn’t do this. The insecticide used in these systems is safe for your children, pets and your home.

Don’t let the mosquitos in your yard force you inside this summer. Get out and enjoy your outdoor space with the help of Mosquitonix Austin!